Tribeca Film Festival


K2imaging is proud to be the technical consultant and a projection provider for the Tribeca Film Festival since 2003. In 2012, K2imaging supplied Tribeca’s premier venue with glorious 4k projection and DCP capability.  Disney/Marvel’s “The Avengers” among other DCP titles were exhibited using K2imaging’s Barco DP4K-32B.  With the help of the Konica-Minolta CS-200, K2 is able to dial in a perfect white-point for each projector to ensure picture uniformity across the festival. This calibration comes standard for every film festival we service.  In 2013, K2 proudly projected the 4K restoration of Martin Scorsese’s “King of Comedy” in native resolution from our 4K systems.

Watch Karl talk about using the Ki Pro for playback of digital content here: K2imaging and the Ki Pro